.: Change LOG:.

0.4.1 - Added momoko.webdav package
0.4.0 - Rewrote core from scratch
     Added momoko.tree package
     Deprecated IMObject and MObject in favor of Container and
              GenericContainer and supporting classes in momoko.tree
     Deprecated vfs, protoclass, versioncontrol, webserver, compiler,
              and relationship.
     Rewrote command shell to be more modular
     Added momoko.shell, momoko.shell.commands,
              momoko.extra.moo, momoko.extra.moo.commands,
              momoko.scripting, momoko.scripting.scheme, and
              momoko.scripting.scheme.commands packages
     Added momoko.tree.swing package
     Added momoko.gui package
0.3.2 - Momoko can now build itself from inside of Momoko using the "ant" command.
     New instances of classes changed when Momoko rebuilds itself will now use the
              new versions of the classes.
0.3.1 - A new build system using ant
     Output to System.out is now redirected to the socket of the user
              causing the code to be executed
     The test.script file has been made into something vaguely useful
              for new users
     The distribution has been stripped down to what's actually used,
              including removing unused jars.
0.3.0 - All classes rearranged into a new package hierarchy.
     Several obsolete classes removed.
0.2.4 - Major rewrite. The class management and source generation systems
              have been completely rewritten.
     MObject has many new functions for managing the entrance and exit
              of objects.
     CommandInterpreter has been rewritten to allow for more modular
              command interpretation and more convenient extension.
     PsuedoMOOInterpreter has been added, adding various MOO-like commands.
     An IRC module is now included, though it will probably eventually
              be split off into its own project.
     A lot of Database functionality has been moved into MObject so as to
              be more easily overridden.
     An MH module is now included to read MH-style mail archives.
0.2.3 - Added modules.py, modules/, modules.pickle, add, and remove as
              part of the new module system which allows objects to be
              loaded into the database based on configuration files,
              much like services.
     Switched the CHANGELOG to reverse chronological format.
     Added NEWS file talking about development trends.

0.2.2 - Added design with design docs.
     Added design/permissions and design/version_control.
     Added design/roadmap.
     Added design/pearls and design/README.
     Added shared/versioncontrol for the version control subsystem.
     Added shared/VersionController and shared/versioncontrol/Migrator,
              ObjectInfo, PropertyTransformation, and PropertyAddition.
     Modified various classes to accomodate VersionController
              objects instead of ProtoClass objects in the object tree.
     Changed return type of many functions from MObject to IMObject.
     Fixed make script so that it will rebuild modified class source.
0.2.1 - Added drivers/SimpleDatabase, eliminating dependency on VoyagerDB.
     Added drivers/RMIServer, RMIClient, eliminating dependency on Voyager.
     Reactivated the client. (it has been broken)
     Split run.py into startserver.py and startclient.py.
     Stripped .py from all runnable python scripts.
0.2.0 - Restructured compiler class to make creating compilers for
              different languages easier.
     Added a compiler to allow interpreted python code in methods.
     Added MudArray, a Vector that can be initialized via a string.
     Moved MudObject and MudArray into mud.shared.types, eliminating
              mud.user from the jar.
0.1.9 - JGL classes have been completely eliminated, so the only
third-party jars needed now are Voyager, VoyagerDB, and JPython.
0.1.8 - I've dispensed with the makefiles and am using python scripts
0.1.7 - I accidentally released an old version for 0.1.5, so I'm calling
the up-to-date version 0.1.7.
0.1.5 - First public release

Latest Snapshots
   Momoko 0.4.1 (Latest, Stable)
   Momoko 0.4.0
   Momoko 0.3.1
   Momoko 0.3.0
   Momoko 0.2.1

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