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Momoko is an environment for building environments. It uses modular components and transparently distributes objects over multiple servers. All of the source code is editable remotely via WebDAV. The build process can be triggered remotely by logging into the shell via telnet and running ant. Multiple languages are supported for writing object behaviours.

Momoko has facilities for running modular services, orthogonal persistence, transparent distributed objects, and organizing objects into tree-based hierarchies which can be distributed over multiple processes and machines.

E-mail if you'd like to chat about the project. Also, e-mail with any questions you have so that I can put them in the FAQ.

E-Mail: blanu@bozonics.com

Latest Snapshots
   Momoko 0.4.1 (Latest, Stable)
   Momoko 0.4.0
   Momoko 0.3.1
   Momoko 0.3.0
   Momoko 0.2.1

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