.: Installation Instructions :.
First of all, you need JDK1.3 or above. This has only been tested
with the Blackdown Linux JDK (http://blackdown.org) and the Sun JDK for
Windows (http://java.sun.com). It does not work with Kaffe because it
requires JDK 1.3 features and Kaffe only supports JDK 1.1.

These installation instructions only work for Unix. All that needs to be
done to make it run on Windows is to replace the shell scripts with
batch files. I'll do that in the next release if there is any interest.
(I said this in the last release, and there wasn't any interest.)
Since I use Linux I'm not going to bother with Windows batch files
unless someone asks.

Set the scripts to executable:

chmod +x setEnv.sh

Set the environment:

. ./setEnv.sh

Note the two dots. That is not a typo.

Run ant:


This should build the source.

Now edit workspace/config/services.config and modules.config and uncomment any
services or modules that you want to have. Each service and module has its own
config file that you can edit to specify parameters.

Or you can just try it out as it is. The defaults should be good.

Run the server:

ant run &

If you want to access the files in the workspace via WebDAV, point your
WebDAV browser at "http://localhost:9090/". I prefer SkunkDAV
(http://skunkdav.sourceforge.net/) but others should work. Cadaver doesn't work
yet and I'm not sure why. Let me know which WebDAV client do and don't work.

To connect to the server's interactive shell:

telnet localhost 2323

If you have the login service enabled, then you can telnet to the port
specified in login.config and type commands. If you have the stdio
service enabled then you can type commands directly from the console. If you
have the script services enabled then the server will read commands from
a file specified in the config file. How commands are interpreted is
dependnent on what interpreter you specify in the config file.

Using either the telnet or console interface with the Login interpreter, login
as God like this:
name: God
pass: God

Now type 'help' to see the list of commands. To learn more about them, you
can read the source in server/CommandInterpreter.java. The help command
is pretty out of date.

The 'shutdown' command shuts down the server. The 'quit' command logs
you out.

A fun tutorial on how to user your Momoko server to talk on IRC is in
the tutorial directory.

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