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Momoko is a framework for developing multi-user Internet applications.

You can think of it as an Enterprise Application Server or a new and
improved MUD server, depending on your preference.

Momoko imports various information which exists on the Internet into a
distributed, object-oriented, virtual filesystem. You can then export
such information in various ways to the Internet.

Momoko currently ships with modules to import IRC channels and MH-style
mail archives. So you can both chat and check your e-mail via Momoko.
Momoko also ships with a MOO-like command set for interacting with the
object tree and a fully functioning web forum for reading your mail
archives and posting replies.

In a nutshell, Momoko is a MOO, a web application server, a threaded
discussion forum, and an IRC client, all at once. And that's just what's
currently shipping with it. Momoko is, more than anything, a tool for
building multi-user Internet applications. The currently shipping ones
were just the first things that I thought of.

Momoko provides a number of useful services for writing applications. It
provides an object-oriented virtual file system for organizing your
objects, transparent distributed objects for splitting applications over
multiple machines, and transparent persistence of your objects.

Latest Snapshots
   Momoko 0.4.1 (Latest, Stable)
   Momoko 0.4.0
   Momoko 0.3.1
   Momoko 0.3.0
   Momoko 0.2.1

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